Planson International
is a woman-owned global supplier of Information and Communication Technology for international organizations.  For over 25 years, we have partnered with premier local IT companies to provide installation, support and training in even the toughest regions. Leading manufacturers join Planson in strategic alliances to deliver cost effective ICT solutions, often through long term contracts resulting from competitive bidding.  Our USA headquarters and Denmark subsidiary are stocking centers for emergency response.  We are focused, efficient and experienced.


  • Global shipping under all INCOTERMs with effective risk mitigation
  • IT hardware, software and services supplier worldwide for 26 years
  • International project management for turnkey IT solutions
  • Compliance with export and import regulations
  • Over 3000 purchase orders fulfilled annually
  • Long term contract holder with international organizations
  • Award-winning VAR and Authorized Service Provider for key manufacturers
  • Technical certifications and specializations

Customer Care

  • Customized online B2B catalog and procurement on Planson Portal
  • Emergency stocks of critical IT hardware and software
  • 24/7 customer service by dedicated account teams
  • Quotes issued and orders acknowledged same day
  • System imaging prior to shipment
  • Asset tagging and reporting
  • Orders tracked daily to receipt and acceptance
  • Advance warranty replacements when required
  • Prompt exchange of wrong or defective equipment
  • Local IT service partners in 75 countries for onsite support
  • Same business day tech support, chat, troubleshooting, escalation, analysis
  • Live support from a technician until problem is solved