Planson’s Commitment to Development, Relief, and Conservation

Company ethos here at Planson strives to reflect the progressive, environmentally-friendly values of the aid and development community we serve. Emphasis on sustainability is central to that end, and our Maine-based headquarters is proud to report an increased effort to do its part thanks to a recently-installed a system of photovoltaic arrays. These arrays allow us to run on 100% solar-powered electricity, decimating our carbon footprint and strengthening our continued support of the UN Global Compact in one fell swoop. Several weeks into the endeavor, we couldn’t be more pleased by the progress we already see.

Planson Team and Solar Panels

Given our extensive work supplying ICT to developing countries, our external employment of renewable energy has been ongoing. The power grid can be marginal for vast areas in which our customers work – particularly in African regions – and we often bundle solar power kits with our computer hardware to provide assurance of consistent support wherever the goods may go. Internally applying renewable energy has proved a highly positive next step, offering our entire business a greater appreciation for the solutions we routinely sell. We can track our progress daily to see environmental savings in real time, and we expect our CO2 avoidance to equal almost 20 tons per year going forward. This is solar energy we can celebrate every day, and well into the future.

Click here to see the statistics we’re so proud to share – updates to follow as Planson continues to explore this exciting new frontier.