HPE EasyConnect


HPE recently launched the ProLiant EasyConnect EC200a, a new Hybrid IT solution aimed at helping businesses scale up network connectivity and facilitate safe data transfer. This innovative new tool is perfect for the modern business structure, as today main, branch, and remote offices alike must handle increasing demands for always-on availability. Integrated with Microsoft Azure, this system also offers optional cloud backup and disaster recovery, reducing the stress of potential human error that can come with managing many dispersed endpoints.

The real strength of the solution comes from its ability to perform in a multi-site environment from a single physical location. This is of special relevance to emergency workers, first responders, and those working in remote or challenging conditions, as it can be managed centrally and kept current through a unique cloud management platform, thus reducing the need for sometimes-scarce local technical support in the field. In this way, smaller satellite operations that may not support their own networking infrastructure can still reap all the benefits of centralized locales.

Endlessly customizable, customers can opt for varying amounts of local storage, determine their own number of virtual machines and remote users, and also choose to include an onboard firewall or internet filter as required. This results in the agility of the cloud combined with the security and control that modern IT users have come to expect.

The EC200a is designed to support an average of 50 enterprise users or up to 400 pupils in an educational setting, with expandable local storage ranging from 600GB up to 4.5TB. The model allows for a flexible and cost-effective approach to growth, build in accordance with the organization’s needs. Customers can scale on demand, opting later for advanced capabilities without added complexity. Licensing for the hardware is available in one or three-year subscription increments, including Microsoft Azure in the bundle.

In demanding environments with limited tech resources, the Easy Connect is quickly becoming an IT favorite.  For a more in-depth analysis of this exciting new product, check out the launch video or  Easy Connect Guide.