eMITS Series: The Responder Kits

From Wi-Fi to solar power, biometrics to emergency telecom, eMITS is uniquely designed to face a wide variety of challenges out in the field. This newsletter series is going to walk through each kit category to help explain how they can benefit their users, starting with the Responder Kit series. These kits are designed for the first responders to reach an emergency situation. They are modular and interoperable, which allows multiple responder kits to be combined to support larger teams.

The responder kits have been specially designed for a single responder or traveler. Based on the category of the kit (Computing, Printing, Connectivity, etc.), it will have everything a Responder needs to easily deploy and operate the kit. These kits are also designed for the first responders to quickly deploy in an emergency situation. The Responder Solar Backpack Kit, one of our Computing series Kits, provides a solar backpack, which offers battery storage as well as a convenient source of energy wherever needed. Inside, there is a laptop to meet exact project needs, an ultra-bright USB light for nocturnal reporting, a stereo headset, and a dual-port car charger to fit every meaning of “work on the go.” This kit ensures long-lasting operability for field work from anywhere.

The Responder Power Kit, one of our Alternative Power Kits, powers laptops, satellite phones, smartphones, USB lights, and other DC or USB operated mobile devices as a one-stop power supply in the field. Its rugged, waterproof and foldable 20-watt solar panel can be set up anywhere to capture the suns power. It can also be paired to other kits to extend its battery life duration, UPS like functionality, or to get completely off the grid. For Responder convenience, we have also added a waterproof aluminum Touchlight that provides a bright and wide-angle light, which is perfect for lighting small spaces. The Conference Pack Add-On has a built-in microphone and speakerphone to help users never miss a conference call and in case the 30-hour playtime isn’t enough, users can also open the solar panel to charge it while its being used.

Major operations like elections seem more manageable with the Responder Biometrics Kit. This kit includes a solar panel, external battery, laptop, and fingerprint bar code scanners that are ideal for camp management, voter registration, and personal identification. The user never has to risk losing data again with the Storage Pack Add-On, which includes a rugged, compact and powerful hard drive with up to 4 TB of capacity to ensure plenty of space and portability.

Not only is the Responder series ideal for first responders in emergency situations, but they are a great tool for global travelers and adventurers. Customers can choose the responder kit that best fits their needs to power up devices or provide electricity when the local infrastructure is unreliable.

Planson understands that there isn’t a handy tech store around every corner, so each kit comes with everything it needs to create instant assistance. The continuous testing and adding of new products helps eMITS continue to grow and be more efficient in handling a variety of demanding environments. Another value added service to our eMITS kits is their ability to be “Plug n Play,” which helps simplify how they work through equipment labeling and step-by-step instructions. For more information on each kit category, including the Office and Team kits, and for more details on how eMITS can best benefit your organization, stay tuned for next month’s Planson Update.