Voltaic Systems

Voltaic Systems designs a full range of high performance solar panels, solar chargers, and backup battery packs for NGOs and non-profits working in the field. All of their products have the ability to power small and large electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and remote monitoring systems.

With energy conservation at the forefront of their business, this portable-power company translates efficient technology into striding advancements for a wide range of causes. Their gear helps power pollution detection equipment in Nepal, keeps laptops charged for anti-poaching teams around the world, and has the potential to power education, hooked up to lighting for nighttime study.

Due to their rugged and versatile designs, Voltaic solar panels prove to work well in some of the harshest environments in the world. In fact, their panels have floated in the Indian Ocean, trekked up the Himalayas, canoed down the Amazon River, and powered remote villages in Nicaragua, proving that solar technology can be instrumental to projects in areas with minimal or inconsistent access to power. Customers can also request custom solar panels if existing panels do not fit their requirements.

Switch Solar Bag, a bestseller among Planson customers, provides quality backup power in a streamlined shoulder bag. Users can store and charge personal devices in a convenient sleeve and still have room to pack other daily essentials. It includes a V15 USB Battery, which works well for minimalist travelers and for engineering applications to power sensors and communications equipment.

Voltaic Systems knows the importance of having access to reliable electricity, and the Voltaic team works tirelessly to make sure the process from production to shipping is not only smooth but also sustainable, using materials like Recycled PET over Nylon, which helps eliminate all unnecessary packaging, and reusing materials as much as possible. Planson appreciates Voltaic’s shared commitment to quality in search for better solutions as we move towards reliable power for all.