Firewall Protection

Firewalls have been a first line of defense in network security for over 25 years establishing a barrier between internal network users and the Internet at large. Now more than ever, these devices are a crucial asset for businesses to prevent suspicious activities – such as cyberattacks – from hurting the bottom line.

To identify the right firewall capacity for a given environment, it is important to consider the number of users the device will protect as well as the predicted threat level to the network. In these areas, Cisco is currently leading the way with its ASA series, offered in a wide range of sizes and form factors. Models are available as standalone appliances for small and midsize businesses and scale up to high-performance blades and throughput appliances for enterprise datacenters. All ASA firewalls feature Cisco Adaptive Security ASA software, which can integrate with existing security technologies for a seamless, centralized security solution across an entire network.

Another strong option for firewall security is Sophos’ XG series. All models in the series come standard with VPN and wireless protection, but users can also add bundle packages for enhanced features, such as email and web protection. Entry-level desktop models are ideal for the budget-conscious small business, retail, or home office space due to this feature flexibility.

Recent high-profile cyberattacks prompted many to invest in network security, but there is always a chance for vulnerability if awareness on these issues subsides. To stay vigilant against threats to your network, please contact your Planson representative for help identifying the best solution for your organization.