logo_emitsWhat is Planson eMITS?

Planson has developed the eMITS system to meet the needs of intergovernmental and humanitarian organizations operating in the toughest environments around the world. Our biometrics, emergency telecom, and field data collection kits are proven rugged and reliable. All components are updated with the latest software, firmware and technology. Planson continuously tests new technologies to improve eMITS services and kit functionalities.

In-house engineers assist to configure all devices, help create configuration templates for rapid configuration and deployment, and inform eMITS customers of any new developments in the field. All kits are modular and scalable, working well as stand-alone units or in combination as a multifaceted solution.

Highlights & Options  

All eMITS kits including the following features and options:

  • All components are OEM, new, and covered by manufacturer warranty
  • Hardware compatibility is achieved through access to Planson’s entire catalog of IT equipment
  • Foam is custom cut to fit each component perfectly
  • Prior to deployment, all equipment is tested and batteries are fully charged
  • All required cables, connectors and regional power plugs are supplied so kits are ready to use the minute they arrive
  • Waterproof flash drive with kit documentation and latest equipment drivers
  • Includes solar option for off grid charging and power
  • All cables and equipment properly labeled and tied
  • Kit cases can be color coded for easy solution identification

Key Benefits

  • Modular – Each kit fulfills a specific function and pairs
    seamlessly with other kits to expand functionality.
  • Portable – The right case for the right equipment. All kits
    are right-sized for the utmost protection and can easily be
    carried and transported.
  • Ready – All kits are ready for out-of-the-box deployment
    and use. All equipment is per-configured and tested. Kits
    include all required

Planson eMITS system makes industry-leading technology usable in the toughest field environments. eMITS kit components can be easily customized or replaced to adapt to organizational standards and requirements.

For more information, detailed specifications or to purchase eMITS kits, call +1.207.926.3100, email info@plansonintl.com or contact your Planson International representative.

Field Kits

Aid and development work and workers go where others do not, diving deep into emergencies with all available resources. In remote locations, available resources may still come up short of finding true relief for affected communities – and in these cases, Planson is here to help. Our Ecosystem of Mobile IT Solutions (eMITS) is designed to operate where first responders do as a mobile, modular, and interoperable solution to any number of issues in the field.

From Wi-Fi to solar power, biometrics to emergency telecom, eMITS is ready to face all challenges of any emergency response. We consider the following as key strengths of our initiative:

  • Experience
    All kits are based on years of experience supplying relief efforts worldwide. Experience has taught us that a BGAN Explorer left in the sun will overheat and not recharge. To the BGAN kits, we include default antenna cables so the main unit can stay in the shade. It has taught us that a solution with too many components becomes not only bulky, but an inventory nightmare. All kits are designed to carry exactly and only what is needed. It has also taught us the dangers of under-preparing – and for that, scalability is always an option.
  • Adaptation
    For the sake of portability, eMITS kits carry just the essentials for a solution to core functions in the field. However, when more is required, smaller add-on packs are available with accessories or options to enhance main features. At the same time, add-on packs can work independently for smaller-scale projects with excellent performance.
  • Self-Sufficiency
    We understand that when kits deploy, they must contain everything needed to operate immediately with no need for outside IT. All adapters are included; all equipment is pre-tested; all printers come with extra ink and even paper for out-of-the-box use.
  • Detail
    Our approach is always to think of the final location of use, and to this end all details are considered for ease in the field. Cable ties keep odds and ends from tangling, and travel adapters with spare fuses help kits travel wherever needed. To eliminate clutter, all documentation and configuration info is stored on a rugged memory stick, so nothing is lost in economy.
  • Quality
    eMITS kits are built to last from the inside out by out in-house researchers who test and certify all items prior to their inclusion. From rugged access points to fire-retardant travel AC adapters to mil-spec smartphones, all bases are covered to handle the elements. Encasing it all is a waterproof transport case with foam inserts specifically cut to hold each item in its place.


Kit Categories

To maximize efficiency and optimize impact, we have designed eMITS kits in terms of three main categories:


  • Responder
    These are made for the first feet on the ground. Individual kits for staff or single responders can be carried easily in day missions or scaled up to support a base or team. Sample: Solar Pack
  • Team
    Designed for multi-user applications, team kits can support up to seven people from a single case. Like the Responder kits, these can be scaled up from their individual sizes, even large enough to outfit a small office. Sample: Team Explorer 510 Kit
  • Office
    Office kits provide functionality for seven or more individuals in a small office setting, whether established or de facto in the field. While these are the largest options on their own, linking multiple Office kits fulfills large-scale office requirements. Sample: Office Network Kit


For more information, detailed specifications or to purchase eMITS kits, call +1.207.926.3100, email info@plansonintl.com or contact your Planson International representative.

Value Added Services

Planson eMITS kits are about more than just product consolidation – our value-add is incorporated into the design and creation of our IT solutions, tailored for our customers and their specific needs.

In addition to compiling and shipping the kits themselves, some of our many offered services include:

  • Customization
    Planson appreciates that each organization has its own standards and architecture, and we are proficient translators of all basic kits to customized versions that offer smooth integration with existing strategies. Components can be expanded or switched out as needed, and color-coding is available for cases and cable to facilitate service recognition.


  • Standardization
    Customers familiar with long-term agreement (LTA) contracts will intimately know the value of standardization, making it easy for widespread efforts and projects to access a common and effective solution. eMITS kits can be pre-configured for LTA customers to simplify deployment.
  • Emergency Stock
    Crises are notoriously unpredictable, and for these situations Planson can hold emergency stock ready for immediate deployment. Quantities and logistical requirements will be predetermined by LTA customers to ensure seamless delivery. No exception to the rule, emergency kits still leave our offices fully configured and charged.
  • Technical Support
    As with all products and services we supply, Planson works hard to maintain our reputation for excellent post-sales support. A dedicated sales team is assigned for remote troubleshooting and diagnosis at Service Centers in the USA and Denmark, and if hardware that must be returned to base for repair, all inbound and outbound transport costs are on us.


For more information, detailed specifications or to purchase eMITS kits, call +1.207.926.3100, email info@plansonintl.com or contact your Planson International representative.

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