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Planson International

Planson is a woman-owned global IT solutions provider serving international organizations in a shared commitment to humanitarian goals.  Planson is headquartered in the United States and Denmark, with a global supply chain and worldwide local partner network.

Planson is a specialized partner for major manufacturers, who recognize our commitment to cost efficiency, customer service, process control, communication, logistics, technical expertise and after-sales support in challenging regions.

  • We are one of the Best Places to Work in Maine (for the 6th consecutive year)
  • We are a Danish Gazelle Company
  • We are a leading global IT consolidator for Intergovernmental Organizations
  • We are Trusted Partners for global NGOs

“The professionalism and expertise shown by your team were remarkable and greatly appreciated. Your swift response and the thoroughness with which you addressed the problem not only solved the issue but also minimized the impact on our operations. This has reinforced our confidence in your services and the value of our partnership.

It is always a pleasure to work with professionals who not only excel in their technical skills but also show great care and consideration for their clients.”

Customer Feedback – Cuba

“I have been in this sector for 22 years and have seen a lot of disaster responses. I just want you to know that I am really impressed with the service you provide and professionalism. You are responsive with accurate information and provide factual information and not tell me what you think we need to hear. This is really appreciated and helps me to set the expectations.

Keep up the good work. Your efforts duly appreciated.”

Customer Feedback – London

“We are very grateful for your cooperation and support that you have given us and we want to pass our gratitude to all your team. Your performance was tremendous on delivery and facilitation of the customs clearance and contributed a lot for the success of the project.”

Customer Feedback – Ethiopia

“Planson International has been not just a supplier but a stakeholder, a partner to the organization’s development goals in Angola, and we do appreciate the excellence in solutions finding Planson has accorded us with. Therefore, we commend you for having excelled in your service provision.”

Customer Feedback – Angola

“We thank you for not only fulfilling your commitments way ahead of schedule, but also for your efforts in keeping us, your clients, informed of the processevery step of the way.”

Customer Feedback – Bahamas

“Planson International has successfully shipped to our field offices in over 35 countries, and has demonstrated expertise in export compliance with US, EU and UN sanctions. Planson’s dedicated account teams are always available by phone or email or in person, and are backed up by top management. This team is fast, flexible and absolutely reliable. We are extremely pleased with Planson’s pricing, customer service, stocking facilities, turnaround time, supply chain logistics, and global warranty support.”

Customer Feedback – Worldwide

“Since 2007, Planson International has assisted us with over 83 procurements around the globe, and has demonstrated the ability to maximize the resources necessary for our overall success.”

Customer Feedback – Tanzania

“Planson International cumplio cabalmente con todas sus obligaciones contractuales, de acuerdo al Plan de Trabajo y los entregables, dentro de los plazos estipulados y def presupuesto contribuyendo a que las Juntas Anuales y el Proyecto culminaran exitosamente.”

Customer Feedback – Peru

“Planson’s performance under this project has been very professional in every respect. The daily oversight and proactive intervention of your Project Manager who worked with us and the recipient schools has been one of the major reasons for the success of this project. She has been patient, diligent, creative with finding solutions to problems and effective in communicating with all other project stakeholders.”

Customer Feedback – Philippines

“Planson has fulfilled all orders in an exemplary manner. They have shipped orders rapidly, successfully navigated complex local conditions, and stored high value equipment in secure warehouses while awaiting end user readiness to receive goods, maintained close communication with our organization and end users, and resolved warranty issues effectively and quickly. Planson has repeatedly demonstrated their ability to support our projects, from small to large, with professionalism and attentiveness to all details.”

Customer Feedback – Somalia

“I would like to take this opportunity to compliment Planson for your constant effort to satisfy us with our many requirements and questions and problems that we raise. I have experienced only good delivery and services from Planson in Burundi, Congo and now also in Sierra Leone. Thank you.”

Customer Feedback – Burundi, Congo, Sierra Leone