Empower Generation: Supporting Nepal Today and Tomorrow with Solar Energy

As we learn on a daily basis through our work with the international aid and development community, natural disasters have lasting effects not only on specific regions but also on a global scale – for this reason, it is in everyone’s best interest to help in any way they can. Following last weekend’s devastating earthquake in the region, Planson is proud to do our part by donating to Empower Generation, a Nepal-based nonprofit organization that supports women-led business and clean energy use in the region. Their efforts to ease both poverty and the global carbon footprint are inspiring.


Through this organization, efforts have already begun to supply solar lights to hospitals, search-and-rescues, various relief efforts, and all those who are suffering. Contributions also assist women-led businesses already involved in the program to rebuild what they have lost.

Empower Generation

Every contribution helps – if you have the means, we highly recommend lending a hand.

To learn more about Empower Generation, visit their website here. Let’s all help Nepal recover.