Helping to Free Mozambique of Landmines

Planson is thrilled to continue our support of APOPO’s efforts to help free Mozambique of landmines and other explosive remnants of war.

Mozambique once had one of the most severe landmine problems in the world, with thousands of landmines and other explosive items laid during decades of conflict. Now, almost 25 years after the war ended, the country is about to declare itself free of known landmines.


Thanks to APOPO, my family is now safe (Gloria)”


APOPO has been working in Mozambique since 2008 and has helped destroy over 13,000 landmines and handed over a total area of more than 11 million square meters (2,720 acres) to local communities, allowing families to live, work, farm and play without fear. The team in Mozambique includes survey and manual demining teams, machines for ground preparation and mechanical demining, and trained mine detection rats (MDR).


MDR at work in Mozambique


The NGO is now finishing up its main humanitarian demining tasks in central Mozambique and plans to help clear an old ammunition depot in Maputo that suffered a series of explosions, killing many civilians and scattering bullets, grenades, bombs and many other ERW over a wide area. This former ammunition store is slated for immediate development into an ecological park and APOPO plans to clear about 3 million square meters (about 740 acres) of land during the course of 2015/2016.


One of APOPO’s manual demining teams

Their work is changing lives for the better on a immediate and measurable scale. Visit our LinkedIn or Facebook page for just one example of their amazing success in the country, and visit their website at to learn more and to make a donation of your own. Every bit counts!