Data Storage Solutions


In the business world, information is everything. Whether dealing with financials, customer profiles, or the particulars of a project, an ever-increasing reliance on data collection has created the global need for tech solutions to generating, processing, moving, and storing data for long periods of time. This need is facing exponential growth – 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last 2 years – and as it grows, companies are looks for safe and secure ways to protect their digital databases.

Small and midsize companies that need management, consolidation, and data protection features typically reserved for complex architectures can benefit from HP All-in-One Storage: a 1U, four-drive, one-stop-shop solution. This model provides shared storage for application servers; enhanced file serving for end-user clients; backup target services for network data; and data protection software, all in slim rack-mount format. Up to 1TB total raw capacity and Dual-core Intel Pentium D (3.0 GHz/800) processing offer a starting point with great potential.

Rugged, fast, and capacious storage is found in the HPE StoreEasy 1650, as its file, sync, and share feature enables mobile workers to access their files from anywhere. This versatile 2U option supports up to 32TB Raw Internal SAS and non-intrusive data de-duplication that provides an average 50-60% in space savings. To secure so many endpoints, corporate data controls include data encryption, data wipe, user lock screen password enforcement, file classification, and storage quotas.

The EqualLogic PS Series from Dell is great for companies looking for long-term solutions to rapid growth. The PS6210 supports up to 144TB storage per array, dual controllers each with 16GB non-volatile cache, and 24 hot-pluggable drives in a variety of technology options. Its PS Series Host Software extends past the (standard) array-based software (advantages) and provides better compatibility with other data operating systems. Its best endorsement? According to an IDC report, customers using the PS series achieve up to 513% return on investment in an average of 6.2 months.

At the top of the scale, HPE 3PAR StoreServ was built to meet the extreme requirements of consolidated cloud service providers. Its remarkable speed (3M+ IOPS) and proven system architecture have transformed midrange and enterprise deployments with solutions for a few Terabytes of cloud storage up to more than 20 Petabyte. An intuitive management console brings simplicity to storage management by allowing HPE 3PAR administration even with remote systems, while behind the scenes, 563TB single tier-1 capacity and an all-flash array feature ensure that 3PAR meets high performance and fast response times for heavy workloads.

Completing the HPE lineup, the StorageWorks 70 Modular Smart Array family provides reliability and performance to address many business-critical processes. The MSA70 model holds capacity of 3.6TB with 25 SAS or SATA drives. This 2U array’s single, consistent set of utility software handles setup and configuration; storage and RAID management; and troubleshooting all in one go. What’s more, this model allows users to connect up to 2 enclosures to form a single controller port, scaling up as needed in the future.

As companies grow and expand, the need for instant and effective data becomes vital to success. With more ways to store data than ever before, take a look at this HPE Storage Guide to browse through some of the possibilities.