eMITS Series: Our Ecosystem of Mobile IT Solutions (eMITS™)

During humanitarian operations, rapid deployment of key infrastructure services is a core requirement.  Whether you are responding to an emergency, implementing a new field office, or setting up voter registration systems, Planson International has you covered.   We believe that preparedness is key to any deployment and that any technical deployment should provide a complete, user friendly, plug and play solution.  To address the needs of intergovernmental and humanitarian organizations operating in the toughest environments around the world, Planson International has developed an ecosystem of Mobile IT Solutions, or better known as eMITS.

eMITS is an innovative set of solutions covering all basic IT infrastructure services ranging from computing and printing to global connectivity and alternative power.  To maximize efficiency, Planson has designed eMITS in terms of three main categories: Responder, Team, and Office kits. All kits within the three categories fulfill a specific function and can easily be paired with other kits in order to expand its functionality.

All kits are modular and scalable, working well as stand-alone units or in combination as a multifaceted solution. In-house engineers configure all devices and test new technologies to improve the kit functionalities, and all of the components can be customized to organizational standards and requirements.

When choosing equipment, Planson identifies the appropriate technology at the right price rather than going for the highest priced technology available.

The Responder kits are designed for the first responders to reach an emergency situation. These kits are modular and interoperable, which allows multiple responder kits to be combined to support teams. For example, the Responder Solar Backpack Kit provides a solar backpack, which offers battery storage as well as a convenient source of energy wherever needed. Inside, there is a laptop to meet exact project needs, an ultra-bright USB light for nocturnal reporting, a stereo headset, and a dual-port car charger to fit every meaning of “work on the go.” This kit ensures long-lasting operability for field work from anywhere.

Designed for multi-user applications, the Team kits can support up to seven people from a single case. Like the Responder kits, these can be scaled up from their individual sizes, even large enough to outfit an office. The Team Connectivity Kit includes a rugged mobile satellite system with an optional service plan.  Its high-speed Internet and Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities provide seamless wireless connectivity to multiple users or team members.  As an option, it can also include portable solar panels and a pre-configured Mil-Spec rugged smartphone for Email, voice, data, and streaming. Global connectivity is critical to respond to the issue efficiently, which is why all the necessary cabling is preconfigured and available for use right out of the box.

With a wide choice of equipment to match all organizational and architectural standards, the Office kits are ready to be implemented in any location or situation. This “Instant Office” is ideal when responders need to urgently open a new field office or do not have the time to put unknown requirements together. Large printers and Tesla batteries cannot be fit into one case, so Planson ensures that all equipment and services are properly tested, packaged, configured, and ready for deployment.

First responders may need to travel away from the base, which will require portable and reliable connectivity, communication, and power. Planson eMITS kits are designed to carry just the essentials for a solution to core functions in the field. When more is required, smaller Add-On Packs are available with accessories to enhance main features. All kit components are covered by manufacturer warranty and hardware compatibility is ensured thanks to Planson’s expansive catalog of IT equipment. Customers, especially those familiar with long-term agreement (LTA) contracts, will intimately know the value eMITS can bring. Its ability to be standardized makes it easy for widespread efforts and projects to access a common and effective solution, thus simplifying deployment. Stay tuned in the coming newsletters for more information regarding each kit series and how eMITS can best benefit your organization.