eMITS™ Series: The Team Kits

This newsletter series is going to continue to walk through each kit category to help explain how they can benefit their users. Next up is the Team Kit series, which are designed for multi-user applications and can support up to seven people from a single case. Like the Responder kits, these can be scaled up from their individual sizes and become large enough to outfit a small office.

The Team Connectivity series provides access to high-speed satellite network for voice, data, and streaming.  It can be used as a primary WAN connection or as an automated backup connection to ensure uninterrupted operations. The kits are weatherproof, rugged, and connects seamlessly to other kits. This kit has the option for wired and wireless capabilities and includes high speed broadband. For more efficiency, there is an optional portable solar panel and pre-configured Mil-Spec rugged smartphone. Solutions available include both Inmarsat   and Thuraya equipment and services.

The Team Power series can power laptops, satellite phones, smartphones, lights, and other AC, DC, or USB operated devices as a one-stop power supply in the field. This uninterruptible solar power supply produces a continuous 500W AC power and up to 100W DC power. A universal power strip and vehicle battery clamps are included as well as a choice of solar panels: foldable, semi flexible, or fixed.

The Team 2R Solar Light Kit creates a backup lighting and power system to take up to two rooms off-grid. The 9 Watt solar panel provides enough battery power for two ultra-bright lights, and is also able to charge any other USB device. This kit includes a waterproof solar panel, universal battery, and rugged LED lights. This solar, innovative solution is indispensable when working in areas where electricity is scarce or unreliable.

The Team Network series quickly creates a wired or wireless local area networks for advanced and secure connectivity. Solutions available include, but not limited to, Cisco, Cisco Meraki, and Aruba.  Simply adding additional APs can easily expand wireless Access.  Multiple options are available for simplified network and device management including Public and Private Cloud.

All eMITS kits are fully preconfigured and include all necessary components. For more information on each kit category, stay tuned for next month’s Planson Update.