eMITS™ Series: Our Kits in Action

To better visualize and experience eMITS in action, Planson has developed a real life scenario with critical business requirements and simulated standard responses using our eMITS kits as the one-stop solution to any emergency.

The scenario: there has been a devastating earthquake of magnitude 8.5 on the small island of Plansonia.  More than 50% of the island has been severely affected and more than 230,000 people were killed. The local infrastructure has been severely damaged with the electrical grid and telephone systems out of commission.

When first responders hit the ground with their eMITS kits, they will require the following basic services to efficiently operate: rapid deployment and mobility; personal communications; electrical power and lighting; Wi-Fi; print, copy, and scan; and secure access to ERP, email, and emergency applications.

The selection of which kits to bring was based on the assumed requirements for a small, but highly mobile team. It is expected that the operation will rapidly grow and that the larger office kits will be deployed in a week or two to expand the current implementation and support a much larger number of responders.

Being able to immediately communicate with the outside world is essential for this situation.  Whether you are calling home to let people know you have safely landed, or the office to report your initial assessment, voice and text communications are required in any field deployment. A portable hand-held satellite phone can be used immediately to communicate regardless of the status of local infrastructure. The satellite phone is pre-charged and is safely packed in its protective carrying case.

Whether a manmade or a natural disaster, the local infrastructure may have been destroyed, damaged or incapacitated.  Availability of fuel and generators can be highly unpredictable.  Electricity is critical to ensure that equipment has power and that light can be provided at night. For these reasons, solar power is a great source independent from local grids.

In addition, global connectivity and Internet Access are musts for this operation, but such services are among the first affected when disaster strikes. Portable, high-speed VSATs that are Auto Pointing can be installed in less than 10 minutes to provide immediate Internet access or to the secure corporate network. A fully functioning office can be set up in minutes to ensure immediate functionality for the most common needs. For natural disasters, simply pick up the right solution, deploy, and you’re ready to help.