BLU Smartphones

Blu Products, the Miami-based mobile phone giant, is a market leader in mobile devices. Founded in 2010, the company’s comprehensive cellular and smart devices are already widely popular throughout the Americas – In Central America, 50%  of in-person mobile sales are BLU and they stand to gain even more market share as they continue to embrace prepaid, no-contract hardware. Especially for the global consumer, BLU’s commitment to “carrier-unlocked” opens a world of possibilities.

While global user-friendliness is a clear advantage, BLU also owes its success to constant innovation, releasing new models at a faster pace than many of their competitors to adapt to changing user needs. A notable recent example is the  R1 Plus, which just earned its spot as the #1 best-selling unlocked device in the United States. This 5.5-inch smartphone’s HD curved glass screen and new 13MP camera appeal to those with sharp design sense, while power-conscious users rejoice at its 60% improvement in battery life – allowing for 2-3 days of usage without a charge.

The Z3 model is another popular option because of its dual sim feature, which allows up to two phone numbers in a single device. Users can also capture strong pictures and video with its VGA camera. The phone is small; making it an ideal choice for the aid and development community since it can fit just about anywhere and remain reliable.

Highlighting BLU’s quality assurances, their products’ extensive features and overall appearance match their final price points. Like the Grand X, whose housing has an electrolyzed finish, most are constructed from real aluminum rather than plastic for greater durability. This model’s curved display also improves screen readability in the sun without inflating costs.

Recent numbers show BLU as one of the fastest-growing mobile phone manufacturers in the world: last year they sold 4.1 million mobile devices, compared to 70,000 in their first year. With a new office setup in India, the plan is to reach even more consumers worldwide, while opening those consumers to the connected world.  Ask your Planson sales team for more information on their current offerings as we track their progress toward that goal.