eMITS® ecosystem of Mobile IT Solutions®

Planson eMITS®

Our Ecosystem of Mobile IT Solutions® (eMITS® kits) was developed to meet the needs of humanitarian organizations operating in tough environments.  Our biometrics, emergency telecom, field office and data collection kits are proven rugged and reliable.  All components are updated with the latest software, firmware and technology.  Planson continuously tests new technologies to improve eMITS® services and kit functionalities.

eMITS® Power Kits

Rugged portable solar power and battery kits ready to charge laptops and other devices anywhere.  Kits are preconfigured with all required components and cables.

eMITS® Connectivity Kits

Connect to the Internet or to your private or corporate network from any location in the world using high speed mobile satellite solutions.  Easily connect your device or local network to access your applications and data, collaborate using voice, video or messaging or just access your email from anywhere, anytime.

eMITS® Network Kits

Implement a wired and wireless network in minutes or easily expand your network coverage by adding multiple wireless access points, indoors and outdoors.

More eMITS® Information

In-house engineers assist to configure all devices, help create templates for rapid setup and deployment, and inform eMITS® customers of any new developments in the field.  All kits are modular and scalable, working well as stand-alone units or in combination as a multifaceted solution.