Solutions that Scale

The Challenge:  Technology and services for humanitarian projects worldwide.

The Solution:  Partner with the best.

Planson International is a global supplier of Information and Communication Technology for international organizations.  Planson and ICT manufacturers have formed strategic alliances to deliver cost effective and innovative solutions.  We fulfill long-term contracts and standalone orders awarded through international competitive bidding.  Our Project Management team delivers services for complex projects that often span several years.  We work with vetted local IT companies to provide IT solution design, installation, support and training in every region of the world.

LTAs and Master Purchase Agreements

Long Term Agreements lower upfront and ongoing costs through standardized, centrally managed hardware, discounted pricing and streamlined purchasing.  LTAs reduce paperwork so critically needed goods can move quickly.  Planson holds dozens of LTAs with global organizations covering the full spectrum of ICT, Unified Communications, Office Machines, Biometrics, and Power Solutions.


Planson logistics teams and forwarders have been shipping high value electronic equipment to all regions of the world for decades.  We mitigate risk and expedite deliveries under all Incoterms.  There is no substitute for hard-earned experience.

Project Management

Planson’s Project Management team is critical for fulfilling complex projects under tight time constraints.  We combine best practices with deep experience in ICT implementations in developing regions, to deliver projects successfully, on time and on budget.

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Planson offers a range of online Procurement Portals, e-Catalogs, and integrated platforms aligned with customer needs for procurement automation.  Each solution is customized and continually adapted to match our customers evolving resources and requirements.

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Planson offers products from all major technology manufacturers.  Learn more about our Key Alliances, Catalog, and eMITS® Kits.

Local Partners

Planson partners with service providers in nearly 100 countries.  Our local partners recommend solutions based on detailed onsite assessments and communications with end users.  They install, start-up, configure, and maintain equipment.  They train end users on hardware and software.

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